Hansaplast Streifen Extra Power 8PZ 10 x 6 cm.

16. Oktober 2019

Hansaplast Streifen Extra Power 8PZ 10 x 6 cm.The Hansaplast Extra Power Waterproof is the first resistant fabric patch that also provide waterproof protection to the wound and flexibility in implementation. The innovative HI-TEX DRY technology ensures lasting protection in demanding situations such as outdoor activities, housework, gardening or tasks that you undertake your own. • Durable and flexible fabric dries quickly and not washed. • The waterproof membrane of the patch allows the skin to breathe while maintaining the wound dry and protects it from dirt and bacteria. • The extremely strong adhesion reliable crashes / completely without leaving residues. The pads are available as large hard working patches (8×6 cm.) That can be cut to the ideal shape and size. The internal width of the gauze is 2,5cm. Use: Clean the wound and gently remove any excrement as dirt or sand. Dry the skin around the cut or scratch very carefully. Apply the patch without stretching and avoiding the formation of creasesHansaplast Extra Power Waterproof Strips Plasters 8 pcs (pre-cut 10cm x 6cm )

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